• Paintings Art washes away from the soul
    the dust of everyday life.
    Pablo Picasso

  • Sculptures Every block of stone has a statueinside it and it is
    the task of the sculpture to discover it.

  • Antiques Simplicity is the ultimate form
    of sophistication.
    Leonardo Da Vinci

Art & Antique Specialists

Original artworks and valuable antiques require skilled professionals who are experienced in fine art packing and freight.

At Artiques, our world class standards have put us at the forefront for handling the national or international shipping of arts and antiques.

Our personalised services have garnered the appreciation and trust of clients ranging from world-renowned galleries to private collectors.

By partnering with Artiques, you can open your business to a global marketplace.

Whether you are:
- a gallery owner, exhibition organiser
- a collector, restorer or artist
- in charge of logistics and courier works of art

Take advantage of our experience in national/ international logistical solutions, and allow us to devise a system that will benefit you through items sold to your clients.

Why choose Artiques:

Customer service is our priority

The quality of our service is judged by the attention we pay to the smallest detail, beginning with our accessibility. We have an obligation to ensure the works must be in perfect condition on arrival, however, we also have a role to play as advisors.

Our services are flexible: we can offer a service that is relevant to the type of demand - whether it be servicing a gallery or private owner - our staff are driven by two corporate values - customer service and cost effectiveness.

Artiques is committed to bring logistical order to your chaos subdued with passion.

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